Comprised of seasoned musicians with wide experience and diverse backgrounds, ROCKET PARADE is a multi-generational four-piece band that delivers soulful melodies and lyrics, searing guitar, out of this world synthesizers, hammer heavy piano leads, and a back beat to build your house on.   Original music with a familiar vintage vibe, ROCKET PARADE is Benjamin Sproul (GUITAR-VOCALS),  Andrew Lunsford (KEYS-VOCALS), Todd May (DRUMS), and Miles Ridnell (BASS-VOCALS).

The band's roots start in NEDERLAND, COLORADO with Benjamin Sproul (Guitar/Vocals) of the legendary ROSE HILL DRIVE family, and musical wizard, Andrew Lunsford (Keys/Synth/Vocals) getting together in Lunsford's home studio to record and share songs after jamming at local get downs.   

Despite  a wide age gap, Sproul and Lunsford didn't seem to mind and formed a music partnership unlike any other.  Lunsford, having long accomplished career as a record engineer and producer, working with clients spanning back to the 70's, including BOSTON, LEON RUSSELL, and GEORGE THOROGOOD to name a few;  and Sproul, coming from a background immersed in music being around and playing with his older brothers' band ROSE HILL DRIVE as well as his own bands, both found a natural flow and creation with music reminiscent of the music from a bygone era.  Lunsford's vast recording resume involving grammies and platinum records, the independent recording nature of the band began and ROCKET PARADE was born. 

The music combines so many influences and its difficult to pin down to one style, but brings to mind the bayou-back-beat of DR JOHN, the searing guitar improve of the ALLMAN BROTHERS, the funky notion of the Meters, and the soulful melodies that brush on R&B origins.  Spacey improve naturally finds its way into the mix and no song is ever delivered quite the same. The driving force of rock, and the heart of soul, Rocket Parade makes it all their own...